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Job Opportunities

Graduates of this department earn the title of “Metallurgical and Materials Engineer”. Metallurgical and Materials Engineers work in planning and controlling the production route of a material and also make material selection, and disagn new materials for special applications. They obtain a wide range of managerial, scientific and engineering positions in research institutes, government  and material related industries, universities and  also they establish their  business. Some of the industries and industrial sectors where Metallurgical and Materials Engineers work are listed below.

  • Iron and Steel Works
  • Non-Ferrous Metals Production Industry
  • Glass, Ceramic and Refractories Industry
  • Iron, Steel and Non-Ferrous Metals Casting Industry
  • Defense Industry
  • Machine Manufacturing Industry
  • Automotive  and Automotive Supply Industry
  • Aircraft Manufacturing
  • Ship Building
  • Welding and Welding Materials Manufacturing Industry
  • Metal Shaping and Machining Industry
  • Surface Treatment and Coating industry
  • Electrical and Electronic Materials Industry
  • White Goods Industry
  • Magnetic Materials Production Industry
  • Biomaterials Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Plastics Industry
  • Quality Control and Surveillance Firms
  • Quality and R-D Departments of Production Companies
  • R-D Firms and Universities

Metallurgical and Materials Engineers work as engineers in fabrication, planning, research and development (R&D), quality, design, sales and marketing departments of the industries listed above and serve at administration levels after they gain experience.