Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is an interdisiplinary department dealing with the producing, shaping and characterizing of materials and studies the relationship between physical properties and internal structure of materials at atomic and molecular scale. Our department concerns with production, improvement, structure and properties of materials  by taking into consideration the relationship in triangle of production-structure-property.

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering provides the development of high performance materials such as ceramics, polimers, metals and their alloys which are used in the fields of a wide range of industries including construction, automotive, defense, electronics,  energy, communication, space and aviation, medicine and dentistry.

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department started to accept undergraduate students in the academic year of 2013 – 2014. Currently, there are 2 professor,4 assistant professors and 5 research assistant in our department.In the first year, the undergraduate curriculum offers a core program which builts on basic courses consisting of physics, chemistry, mathematics and basic sciences providing students with background for professional courses providing job opportunities  in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in the subsequent years. These courses consist of production of iron-steel and nonferrous metals, powder metallurgy, physical metallurgy, heat treatments, production and chracterization techniques of alloys and materials.

In addition to the basic engineering courses, the department offers elective courses allowing students to be specialized on various topics such as extractive metallurgy, nanomaterials, composites, ceramics, energy, electronics and biomedical materials. In the senior year, students are required to have a successful completion of summer internship in an industry before graduation, in addition to that students are required to take part in a graduation project and make an oral presentation.